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Live Music Finder is not just a great FREE gig directory, it also allows you promote your act or business for whatever you want to pay.

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Directory Advertising

Priority Ad Free Listing

You can promote your business with a Priority listing to ensure a high ranking, ad free listing for whatever you want to pay. Of course we hope to appeal to your sense of fair play.

Yes really, you know better than us what our service is worth to you. You can pay anything you like but please don't go above £1Million.

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Gig Page Advertising

Gig searches on Live Music Finder are by Town which build up to Sub-Regions and then Regions. The top six bids in each region across all directory categories will appear on the gig page advertising section. The order will be by amount bid highest to lowest, equal bids will be placed randomly and as soon as you are outbid your ad will be replaced.

All of these spaces can include an image.

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Take full advantage of our "pay what you want" policy. Get your business on to Live Music Finder today and get more clients for your business.

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