Promote your Local Business on LiveMusicFinder

Running a free UK Gig Guide is very rewarding and I feel very strongly that the basic services of an information website should be free. However, the wolf needs to be kept from the door so we have introduced two opportunities for businesses to promote themselves on this site for very little cost. The aim being that this provides an additional service to our users and helps pay for servers and other costs.

Directory – to list on our Directory of Live Music Services is free but for as little as £5 per year clients can ensure that their listing appears at or near the top and in a different, eye catching format. Also a one off payment of £10 will enable all web and social media links from this directory.

Adverts – we are offering town specific adverts for Pubs, Restaurants & Take Aways (where to eat before or after the gig), Taxi firms (how to get to the gig and back) and Hotels & Guest Houses (where to stay) from only £12 per year. These will appear on our gig page whenever the town in which they reside is searched.

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Pussy Riot – Putin Lights up the Fires

It is disappointing to hear about the 2 year jailing of 3 members of the Russian Punk band for ‘hooliganism driven by religious hatred’ following their performance in February inside a Russian Orthodox Cathedral. The Judge stated that ‘feminist beliefs were part of encouraging religious hatred’. Amnesty has condemned the verdict.

They make no secret of their position with respect to Putin and just to prove it -  with three in Jail and the other two having fled Russia they have released their new single ‘Putin Lights up the Fires’.

They are angry and have every right to be – what better way to express it than through Punk as Punk is meant to be! It’s great to see it back to channel anger and disillusionment rather than the gripes of poor little rich kids teenage hormonal unbalance.

Watch it here to show your support for freedom of expression through music!

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Live Music Bill

I have been catching up with some emails and noticed that the Live Music Bill is now at the very final stage and as such is very close to becoming law. If you don’t know what it is all about here is a quick summary:

The entertainment licence exemptions for live music proposed by the Bill are essential if live music in grassroots venues is to flourish.
The exemptions apply only to performances between 8am and 11pm, and, for amplified live music, to audiences of no more than 200.
The Bill preserves licence review safeguards for residents near pubs and bars.

If you want to know more visit who have been at the front of the drive for this law change.

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Ain’t Nothing but the Blues

During a weekend in London last weekend my wife and myself decided to go and sample the “Ain’t nothing but the Blues” venue in Kingly Road, Soho. What a great place it is. Perfectly sized, small but perfect. The place must have had a large bucket of atmosphere poured in. It was buzzing. It was great to see so many young people enjoying themselves. Check it out at or on

A quick word about the band, Gentleman Tim and the Contenders. Good job guys. Worth checking out at or of course on this site.

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What to expect when you join Live Music Finder (LMF) as a Band or Artist

Some of the questions we get have prompted us to think that maybe we should provide a little guidance on getting the best from LMF.

When you join you will be sent an email to verify that the email you entered is a valid one and that it is yours. Once you verify that you can enter the site and do the following:

Firstly you need to either search for and select yourself/your band or if not already listed add yourself.
Next add a short Biog to make your band page a bit more interesting to those potential fans.
Then upload some images and mp3 files to give people something to see and listen to.
Of course those two items can be left but don’t put it off too long.

Now it is time to start adding gigs…

Search for the venue, we have almost 5000 and are adding them all of the time. If the Venue isn’t there add it. (As a minimum please enter the Name of the venue, select the town from our list and enter the post code if you know it.) The more you add the better for all users.

To enter a gig you can:

  1.   Enter the date
  2.   Enter the start time
  3.   Enter an Event Title (e.g. Charity Event, Open Mic, etc)
  4.   Enter gig details ( this is a free form text box that you can use to entice muso’s to attend)
  5.   If there is an entrance price you can enter the Advance and Door prices.

That is it. Any Venue you play at will be remembered for the future so next time you won’t have to search for it.

Oh one last thing – for every gig that you enter you earn 2 credits. At the moment you can use them to upgrade your bands listing on our directory but later there will be other opportunities to use those credits.

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Ernie the Blues Singing Dog seeks new Harmonica Player

Ernie doesn’t do many gigs these days, just the odd Saturday outside Waitrose for a more discerning audience. He has inspired other dogs to consider a life in music but without the dedication, the passion to entertain and the show biz mentality they just haven’t cut the mustard.

Why the Blues? Well, I guess castration has that effect on a dog!

Ernie has always insisted on a good harmonica player but he has expressed his dismay at his current, rather poor, mouth organist. In a shock outburst he was heard to say “I am really dismayed at my current, rather poor, mouth organist. Get me someone that knows one end of the instrument from the other, preferably someone that can play a decent 12 bar blues”.

We at are looking for a harmonica player to accompany this very talented canine on his next video. Interested perhaps?

Check out his most recent video to see whether you think you can meet his very high standards.

Ernie signs the Blues

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X Factor or Why? Factor

I don’t watch the X factor very often. Well not strictly true. I like the early stages when those poor unsuspecting people turn up to demonstrate that their ability to sing is desperately lacking. I wonder is it better to shatter your friends or relatives dream by telling them that they can’t sing or to let them go on national television to have it revealed to them by a ‘no punches pulled – ratings hungry’ Simon Cowell? I never miss an opportunity to tell my friends that they can’t sing just in case. That is how good a friend I am!

The X Factor is probably the lottery alternative for marginally talented and delusional people. In fact this year there is still at least one still in it. Anyway, what is it about instant fame and fortune that appeals to so many people?  And how long does that fame and fortune last I wonder? On average I mean! Maybe a year or two with even most finalists fading into relative obscurity within a few months.

The real crux of this piece is about the many bands and artists that have honed their craft busking, gigging, practicing, researching, traveling, setting up, packing up and doing it all again and again ad infinitum. These people aren’t all interested in fame, they are not driven by the desire for more money than you can spend. They do it because they love it, they love playing, singing, entertaining! Yeah sure there may once have been a dream of stardom and all that goes with it but it’s not that that keeps them going.

There is a huge pride in doing something well enough that people want to leave their homes to come and watch, and listen to you doing it.

As I often do I went to see a band the other night who were just great entertainment. Yes they did a lot of covers cos that’s what Friday night drinkers want I guess. However, they also did a couple of their own songs and they were very good. Much better than Simon Cowell’s manufactured ‘would be pop idols’ in my view.

So instead of staying in to watch the X Factor this Saturday, go out and watch, and of course listen to, a live band near you. And hey, you might just find something on our gig pages. Click ‘Gig Guide’ above this blog.

Come back and comment on this blog.

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I was recently made aware of a site called It gives you the opportunity to build a ‘lens’, a page really, on anything you want. In fact as many lens as you like on whatever subject you want. Why, you might ask! Well actually you can make money out of it. Squidoo advertise on your lens and if someone clicks from your lens then you get half of the revenue.

Write about something that you are a bit of an expert at and then recommend books from amazon on the page and you get revenue from that too. What a nifty idea.

I decided to create a couple of lenses (I am guessing that they are called lenses because they focus on a subject, rather than because squids have got eyes or something equally obscure). Anyway, I have used it to get my site linked from squidoo not least of all because it has a page rank of 8. I have written about my site, how to get the best from it etc. Probably not a great read; probably not going to sell many books…I’m not revising my retirement plan anyway.

I have just thought of something mildly amusing…This blog appears on my squidoo lens!

See it at and

Give it a go.

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Top 10 Cover Songs

I recently posted on our homepage the ‘answer’ to a thought that began after listening to Teenage Kicks by The Undertones for the umpteenth time in umpteen plus a few weeks…a great song and perhaps not that easy to ruin. Anyway my thought was I wonder how many people up and down the country are also listening to this, you know, in a sort of rock song bingo sort of a way. Eyes down, I only need Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon for a full house and two tickets to a personal performance of Rolf Harris’ rendition of Stairway to Heaven.

Fortunately I run a UK Gig Guide and am probably well placed to find an answer to the somewhat futile question “what are the top 10 covered songs in our pubs and clubs”. Ever wondered that? No? Just me then!

I scoured the web sites of a couple of hundred bands at random and where they published a set list I recorded each song on a list (I know, I should get out more…but that is where this all started). However the list was big enough that I had enough information to put together the top 100. The top 10 are below. Visit for the top 100.

I look forward to your comments.

Rank Track Original Artist
1 Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett
2 Buck Rogers Feeder
3 Jumpin` Jack Flash The Rolling Stones
4 You Do Something To Me Paul Weller
5 Sex On Fire Kings Of Leon
6 Proud Mary Creedence Clearwater Revival
7 Teenage Kicks The Undertones
8 Dakota Stereophonics
9 I Predict A Riot Kaiser Chiefs
10 Johnnie B Goode Chuck Berry
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