About Live Music Finder


The Aims of Live Music Finder

Our Vision

Live Music Finder will be the site of choice for a comprehensive range of live music services. We will help stimulate the live music market and bring together the entertainers and the entertained.

If it's live music it's Live Music Finder

Our Strategy

We are established as a UK gig guide and we have recently launched our Directory of Live Music Services. However, it is our aim to continue to grow Live Music Finder in the following areas:

  • Full Festival catalogue - The full details on 'every' festival; who is playing and when...and much much more.
  • Ticket sales - we will offer a ticket sales service for our members.
  • Special Events
  • Sourcing Gigs - matching Bands to Venues
  • Major event ticket sales.
  • News and views - what is happening in the music world.
  • Concert previews - of those lesser known, worth seeing artists.

Our Values

  1. Simplicity - our aim is for our site to be intuitive and therefore easy to use.
  2. Comprehensive - we intend to be a 'one stop shop' for everything Live Music.
  3. Accurate - information provided will be as accurate as is possible.
  4. Responsive - we will listen to our members and users.
  5. Innovation - to lead the way and create new possibilities.

Help us to help Live Music grow!!